published 12.13.2018

Wall Street Journal's review of Greek

You can feel a similar fury pulsing through Mark-Anthony Turnage’s “Greek” (1988), performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in a co-production with Opera Ventures and Scottish Opera. The libretto, adapted by the composer and Jonathan Moore from Steven Berkoff’s play, is a 1980s rendering of Sophocles in which a Cockney Oedipus (Eddy) tries to escape his fate, but nonetheless kills his father and marries his mother. Fittingly, the set (designed by Johannes Schütz) is a blank white wall with two cutout doors; it rotates on a central axis, but both sides are exactly the same. I saw a production of “Greek” at the Boston Lyric Opera in 2016 and thought it was funny; this version’s raw brutality takes the profanity-laced libretto and the cacophonous orchestration, heavy on the winds, brass and percussion, conducted by Stuart Stratford, to its logical, nihilistic conclusion.....

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