published 12.06.2017

Play Commissioned for Antigone Now Festival in Three-Week Run at Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens

Stageplay & Direction: Lena Kitsopoulou

Actors: Lena Kitsopoulou, Sofia Kokkali, Andreas Kontopoulos, Yannis Tsortekis, Petros Georgopalis, Nikoleta Grimeki, Vassilis Safos

Award-winning playwright and actor Lena Kitsopoulou presents Antigone - Lonely Planet at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens from December 14, 2017 through January 7, 2018. Kitsopoulou created the play for the Onassis Cultural Center New York's Antigone Now festival premiering in October 2016. She also directs and acts in the production.

Kitsopoulou has re-imagined Sophocles' Antigone as a comedy. In Kitsopoulou's vision, comedy nestles beneath existential angst in the ancient tragedy, and vice versa. Driven by a need to poke fun at herself and to view reality through a distorting prism, she seeks "a trace of truth" in comedy. "I don't force the comedy", she says. "It's a form of despair and a way of not feeling guilty about my baser side."

In Kitsopoulou’s view, ancient drama exists everywhere. “I don’t view ancient drama as something otherworldly, difficult or intimidating. I think it contains me. Artistically, it gives me scope to attempt anything that happens to exist anywhere. It can be found in a minor snapshot of everyday life and in the most extreme weather phenomena. It is condensed poetry and the only thing I can do is to adapt my short-range self to it. I know that I have a place in there, I know it speaks for me.” 

Portrait Kitsopoulou@ Nick Knight P

Portrait of Lena Kitsopoulou by Nick Knight