published 6.26.2017

New Onassis Scholarship Inspired by Antetokounmpo Brothers Just Announced

Onassis Foundation, Athens

The Onassis Foundation, inspired by the journey, the ethos and the hard work and persistence of Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo, launch the

“One of a Kind' Scholarship for undergraduate students who were born in Greece but have not yet secured Greek citizenship or who obtained it in the last five years.

Video announcing the scholarship.

The announcement came during an interview of the two brothers to Onassis Foundation Culture Director Aphrodite Panagiotakou at the Onassis Cultural Centre Athens.

You can watch the interview here

Giannis, the famed “Greek Freak' is 6’11” and plays on the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. Thanasis plays for the top division of the Spanish basketball league in Andorra. The children of immigrants from Nigeria, the two were born in Athens.

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