published 7.05.2017

Greek-American Students Visit Olympic Shipping

On June 22nd, 62 Greek-American college students, participants of the Heritage Greece Program, together with 15 students from the American College of Greece, visited the offices of Olympic Shipping and Management S.A in Athens, Greece, a company that Aristotle Onassis founded himself, and which continues his legacy. There they had the opportunity to talk to the company’s managers and have an inside look at the operations of a world leader in the shipping industry.

“Visiting Olympic Shipping allowed me to see a successful Greek business that has a positive contribution on society through various charitable causes. I have constantly heard how Greeks are failing and do not contribute to anything, but finding out about the impact of Olympic Shipping started by Aristotle Onassis in the 1930s made me feel more pride in the ability and impact of the Greek entrepreneurs. Another positive of the visit was bearing that Olympic Shipping has never had an oil spill which is extremely important in order to protect our environment.”  

James Kontonis, PolySci, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California

Olympic Shipping and Management S.A. belongs to the business side of the Onassis Foundation, the profits of which, in part, are allocated to the continuous support of public benefit, cultural and educational activities in Greece and abroad.

Heritage Greece is an educational and cultural program designed to connect college-aged, Greek-American students with their Greek heritage and identity. It was developed by the National Hellenic Society as part of its mission to celebrate and preserve Greek heritage in the United States.