by Brooke Barker

published 2.21.2017

Animotions—Specially Commissioned Cartoons Created by Brooke Barker

Our specially commissioned cartoons of animals feeling all the feels are created by Brooke Barker, author of Sad Animal Facts. Animotions add a light touch to our exhibition, A World of Emotions, illustrate emotions in a highly creative way, and are appreciated by audiences of all ages.

Brooke Barker is a writer, illustrator, and advertising copywriter living in Portland, Oregon. She and her husband Boaz co-create It's Different Every Day, a desk calendar full of humor and wit, and subtitled A Non-Boring Calendar. Her first book, Sad Animal Facts, is based on her identically-named Instagram account and was published by Flatiron Books.

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Emotions Lust

© Brooke Barker