Ten Columns (Sanctuary)

by Blind Adam

October 8-11, 2015

photo by Beowulf Sheehan

Work on Loan for Narcissus Now: The Myth Re-imagined

Blind Adam is a former Greek fashion editor whose genetic condition restricts his sight. This physical visual impairment has challenged the artist towards a new vision to explore and communicate art: his yarn constructions and canvases focus on the impossibility of perfect perception, demonstrating the deceptiveness of physical form and the fallibility of vision.

On view is Ten Columns, part of the installation Sanctuary, a ghostly Parthenon that charges the space with spirituality. These classical-inspired columns are testimony to the futile human impulse to create order out of chaos through aesthetic harmony, and to circumscribe and communicate the unknown. The structure of Sanctuary is insubstantial: the elements of this virtual temple collapse upon  physical contact, confirming the treachery of human perception.

Blind Adam (Thanos Kyriakides) is based in Athens, Greece. He has presented his work in solo exhibitions at Galerie 104 Kleber, Paris (2014), The Breeder, Athens (2013), Kunsthalle Athena, Athens (2013), and at Suzy Tros Project Space, Athens (2012). Selected group exhibitions include “Hell As Pavillion” curated by Nadia Argyropoulou at Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2013), The Art of This Century at the Alex Mylona Museum in Athens (2011), at A Shaded View On Fashion Film festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris, (2011), at Chagallesque, Hydra School Projects in Hydra (2010).

© the artist, Courtesy of The Breeder, Athens

Ten Columns (Sanctuary), by Blind Adam Hand-knotted acrylic wool yarn, 2013 US Premiere

© the artist, Courtesy of The Breeder, Athens