by Lynda Benglis

October 8-11, 2015

Video, 12 minutes, 1973

© Lynda Benglis, Courtesy of the Video Data Bank,

Work on Loan by Lynda Benglis for Narcissus Now: The Myth Re-imagined

The artist plays with two refracted images of herself on screen, directing and commanding her other self. The video was highly edited and re-taped to blend present and past sequences and selves to enhance the feeling of artifice. Using this technique Benglis blurs the line between documentary and performance, making it impossible for the viewer to understand which version of the artist is present, which is past, and which of these is therefore truly performing.

Lynda Benglis, a Greek-American sculptor and visual artist, is known for her wax paintings and poured latex sculptures. She worked and studied in Lake Charles and New Orleans (Louisiana), and New York. She held over 75 solo exhibitions and numerous retrospectives within America and around the world and her work is on display in national and international public collections.

Benglis executed a number of videos in the mid 1970s, continuing her exploration of female sexuality and identity—an overriding theme in her work. The interest in human form and presence in her process-oriented sculptural work finds its way into her self-reflexive, investigative videos.


© Photograph by Beowulf Sheehan