by Andreas Angelidakis

October 8-12, 2015

photo by Beowulf Sheehan

© the artist, Courtesy of The Breeder, Athens

(left to right)

Mirrosite, Move (3:50 minutes)

Mirrorsite, Walk (5:16 minutes)

Mirrosite, Build (5:30 minutes)

Andreas Angelidakis has curated the display of all works of art on view in the gallery of the Onassis Cultural Center to create an immersive atmosphere. Part of this artistic ensemble is his Mirrorsite, an ongoing investigation into the information overload that is experienced on the Internet. The project, an environmental projection, is based on a series of landscapes of mirrors, the ideal retreat for the modern Narcissus, one where he or she seeks refuge from saturation. However, the mirrors and their reflections will eventually trap Narcisuss with an illusion of infinite virtual spaces from which he will never be able to escape.

Angelidakis is an Athens-based artist and architect educated at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and Columbia University. His works lie at the intersection of art and architecture and focus on the concept of space and buildings, the society that inhabits them, and on the ways in which the Internet changes our behavior and perception of architecture. His projects have been on display in solo and group exhibitions in prestigious venues in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

Mirrorsite was comissioned by the Onassis Cultural Center NY for the Onassis Festival NY 2015 Narcissus Now: The Myth Reimagined.