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Let's Walk

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During the run of the recent exhibition - March through June - a series of peripatetic conversations took place in the gallery for A World of Emotions: Ancient Greece, 700 BC - 200 AD. Discussions focused on the intersections of art, literature, and philosophy in light of the art on view. An eclectic group of guests—from poets and writers to actors and art critics to classicists and scientists—wandered through the exhibition and engaged in insightful conversations inspired by the artifacts.   

Simon Critchley and Angelos Chaniotis, March 23 - Photo Gallery

Simon Critchley and Fiona Shaw, March 29 - Photo Gallery & Video

John Freeman and Lawrence Joseph, April 6 - Photo Gallery & Audio

Simon Critchley and Peter Meineck, April 13 - Photo Gallery & Audio 

John Freeman and Garnette Cadogan, May 4 - Photo Gallery & Audio

Simon Critchley and Judith Thurman, May 11 - Photo Gallery & Audio

Simon Critchley and Michael Bierut, May 25 - Photo Gallery