Public Shakespeare Presents: What's Hecuba to Him?

Tragic Greek Women on Shakespeare's Stages

Monday, April 22, 2019, 7:00-9:00pm

Ancient Greek plays – and in particular, their titanic, tragic women – exerted a powerful and uncharted influence on Shakespeare's dramatic landscape. When Hamlet reflects on the moving power of tragic performance, he turns to the most prominent of them: “What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba/That he should weep for her?” Through commentary and readings from Euripides and Shakespeare, Professor Tanya Pollard and a cast of actors including Isabel ArraizaTina BenkoPhylicia Rashad, and Ayana Workman will illustrate how Greek plays and their towering female figures challenged Shakespeare to reimagine the affective possibilities of tragedy, comedy, and the emerging genre of tragicomedy. 

Public Shakespeare Presents: What's Hecuba to Him? is part of the Onassis Festival 2019: Democracy Is Coming, co-presented by Onassis USA and The Public Theater.

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