Daniel Mendelsohn with Rebecca Mead: Fathers, Heroes, Sons

Onassis Programs at LIVE from the NYPL

Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 7:00-9:00pm

When Daniel Mendelsohn’s father enrolled in his undergraduate course on The Odyssey at Bard College, it set the two men off on a journey at times as treacherous as the straits of Scilla. Mendelsohn tells the tale in An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic. Exploring and arguing over Homer’s classic in the classroom and later on an unforgettable Mediterranean trip, the scientist father attempts to appreciate the path of his writer/classicist son, while the son gradually uncovers long-buried secrets that reveal truths about his father he may never have known. 

Mendelsohn, an award-winning memoirist and frequent contributor to The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books, will speak with New Yorker staff writer Rebecca Mead. 

Watch the video here