by Petros Klampanis

Wednesday, December 09, 2015, 7:00-8:30pm

World premiere and live recording of Chroma, Petros Klampanis’s new project, which melds jazz, classical, Greek folk, andworld music into expressive fusion.

Artwork by Konstantin Kakanias

Get a glimpse of the Chroma performance here!

Chroma - defined as the purity or intensity of a color - is performed by 13 musicians (strings and percussion) expressing a palette of emotions and ideas captured in the works created by composer and performer Petros Klampanis.  

With Petros Klampanis, bass, voice, compositions, arrangements

Gilad Hekselman, guitar, composition

Shai Maestro, piano

John Hadfield, drums and percussion

Keita Ogawa, percussion

Maria Manousaki, Gokce Erem, Megan Gould, and Maria Im, violin

Carrie Frey and Peter Kiral, viola

Colin Stokes and Maria Jeffers, cello

Accompanying the performance, Athens-based visual and jewelry artist Eleni Kyrmizaki, is creating an installation work created for CHROMA.


Thursday, December 10

No Reservations Required  First come, first admitted.

Session 1:  11 am – 1 pm  Doors open at 10:45 am 

Session 2:    2 pm - 4 pm  Doors open at 1:45 pm


  Why Chroma? 

   by Petros Klampanis 

    You have the paintbrush, you have the colors, paint Paradise and walk right in.

   — Nikos Kazantzakis

 Marcel Proust believed that one of the reasons for which great artists ought to be recognized is their ability to represent the world in a way that is fresh, vibrant, and deeply appreciative of life. The reverse of art is what he calls habit, which blunts our senses and prevents us from absorbing the beauty of living. 

Children do not suffer the ills of habit, which is why they find excitement in the simple and fundamental aspects of our everyday existence. Adults, on the other hand, become spoiled, and they seek out more intense experiences, such as those associated with love, fame, or riches. Artists, much like children, are able to perceive ordinariness through a lens that reveals the true value of life.

Chroma is a collection of compositions that forms my personal palette of emotions, ideas, and impressions. I have transformed these experiences into musical colors in an effort to share them with you, and I invite you to listen to them and feel them. Perhaps they will remind you of colors in your own personal palette, or—and I hope—they will move you, and even become the reason you discover new colors that already exist inside you.

Petros Klampanis grew up on the Greek island of Zakynthos, surrounded by the confluence of Mediterranean and Balkan folk music. To pursue his musical passions, he dropped out of the Polytechnic School in Athens and in 2005 he began his double bass performance studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory. In 2008, he completed his formal studies at the Aaron Copland School of Music in New York.

Since his relocation to New York City, Klampanis has performed alongside some of the city’s renowned jazz musicians, including saxophonist Greg Osby, pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, and drummer Ari Hoenig. In addition to his extensive list of appearances in USA, including the storied venues of Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York and Kennedy Center in Washington DC, he has performed at the internationally acclaimed North Sea Jazz Festival and the Palatia Jazz Festival in Germany

His relationship with Greg Osby led to the release of his début album, Contextual, on the saxophonist’s Inner Circle Music label. The album was praised by acclaimed bassist Arild Andersen as “one of the most exciting projects I have heard from a bass player in years.” Klampanis has received equal praise for his playing and composing. Fellow bassist Drew Gress notes his “aggressive melodicism, beautiful intonation, and uniquely personal string writing.” In 2012, Klampanis was invited by the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra for a series of concerts throughout Latvia. His arrangement of the Greek folk song “Thalassaki” was recently performed by the Greek Public Symphonic Orchestra in Athens, with whom Klampanis performed in 2013.