The University Seminars Program 2016


Fall 2016

Professor Pavlos Kavouras (September 1 – November 30)

Cultural Anthropology and Ethnomusicology. University of Athens.

QUARTER GRADUATE SEMINAR: Performing Otherness, Othering Performance: Reflexivity in, through, and beyond Greek music culture

Hosted by:

UCLA: Department of Ethnomusicology

Dr. Vasileios Syros (September 20 – December 20)

History of Political Thought. Senior Fellow, Academy of Finland.

QUARTER COURSE: Revolutions from Ancient Greece to the Arab Spring.

Hosted by:

Stanford University, Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Spring 2016

A. North America

Dr Mirjam E. Kotwick (Onassis Lectureship at the New School, 2016)

Philology. University of Munich.


Hosted by:

New School of Social Research: Department of Philosophy

Associate Professor Vangelis Calotychos (Spring Semester)


Hosted by:

Brown University: Modern Greek Studies Program and Department of Comparative Literature 

Assistant Professor Panagiota Manoli (March 11- April 9)

Political Economy of International Relations. University of the Aegean.


Hosted by:

University of Pittsburgh: Department of Political Science 

Professor Michalis Psalidopoulos (March 23 - March 29)

Economics. University of Athens.


Hosted by:

Boston University: Modern Greek Studies, International Relations, Economics, History

Associate Professor Phoebe Giannisi (April 1-30)

Architecture and Cultural Studies. University of Thessaly.


Hosted by:

Columbia University: Institute of Comparative Literature and Department of Art and Archaeology

Professor Ioannis Lirintzis (April 18- May 25)

Archaeology. University of the Aegean.


Hosted by:

University of California San Diego : Department of Anthropology  

B. South America

Associate Professor Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos (May 30 - June 27)

Classics. Saint Joseph’s University.


Hosted by:

Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

University of Brasilia, Brazil

Federal University of Goiás, Goiânia, Brazil

Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil 


A. North America

Professor Menelaos Christopoulos (February 27- March 26)

Classics. University of Patras.

Hosted by:

Harvard University: Classics Department

Yale University: Classics Department

Ohio State University: Classics Department

St. Joseph University: Classics Department 

Professor Thanos Vlastos (February 29- March 3)

Transport and Urban Planning. National Technical University of Athens.

Hosted by:

University of California Berkeley: Transportation Sustainability Research Center

University of California Davis: Institute of Transportation Studies

UPENN: Dept. of City and Regional Planning

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Department of Urban Planning 

Professor Kostas Kostis (March 27- April 24)

Economic History. Economics. University of Athens.

Hosted by:

Princeton: Program of Hellenic Studies

Columbia: Program of Hellenic Studies

Yale: Program of Modern Greek Studies

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign: Program of Hellenic Studies, History Department

University of Illinois Chicago: Program of Hellenic Studies

University of Indiana Bloomington: Program of Modern Greek, History Department

McGill University: Program of Modern Greek Studies 

Professor Michalis Spourdalakis (April 3- April 21)

Political Science. University of Athens.

Hosted by:

University of Toronto: European Studies Center

New School for Social Research: Department of Political Science

NYU: Hellenic Studies

Queens College: Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

Dr. Evangelos Venizelos (April 25- May 7)

MP and Professor of Constitutional Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Greece

Hosted by:

UC Berkeley: European Union Center, Center of European Studies

CUNY Graduate Center in cooperation with the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies in Queens College

George Washington University: The Elliott School of International Affairs

B. South America

Professor Nagia Polychronakou- Sgouritsa (March 25- April 7)

Archaeology. University of Athens.

Hosted by:

Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Universidad Catolica Argentina

Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Argentina


Professor Anthony Kaldellis (February 1-4, 22-26)

Byzantine Studies. Ohio State University.

Hosted by:

University of Michigan: Classics and Modern Greek Studies

University of Chicago: History Department