University Seminars Program - Spring 2015


Post publication Tour

Professor David Konstan (February 9-20)

Classics, NYU

Hosted by:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Classics

Duke University: Classics

Yale University: Classics

Fordham University: Classics

Book Presentation event on February 18 at the Morgan Library & Museum in NYC  

Pre- publication lecture Tour

Professor Paul Stephenson (March 22- April 5)

Medieval History, Radboud University (Netherlands)

Hosted by:

UPenn: Classics

Ohio State University: Classics

Pre- publication lecture Tour

Professor Emerita Mary Lefkowitz (April 1-8)

Classics, Wellesley

Hosted by:

University of California at Berkeley: Classics

Stanford University: Classics

San Francisco State University: Classics, Center for Modern Greek Studies

For more information on the Onassis Series in Hellenic Culture click here.  

Professor Emerita Mary Lefkowitz (September 21-24)

Classics. Wellesley College.

Hosted by:

University of Virginia: Classics


Professor Vangelis Calotychos (Spring Semester)

Modern Greek Literature and Culture

Hosted by: Brown University, Program of Modern Greek Studies

Dr. Electra Kostopoulou (Spring Semester)

Greek and Ottoman History, Bosphorus University

Hosted by: Rutgers University, Program of Modern Greek Studies

Professor Athanasios Fokas (Mini Course. March 22- April 17)

Mathematics, University of Cambridge

Hosted by: University of Southern California

Professor Waldemar Heckel (September 8- October 23)

Ancient Greek History. University of Calgary.


Hosted by:

University of Waterloo: Institute of Hellenistic Studies

* Additional events:

Professor Heckel will also participate in the Research Workshop

“Celebrity, Fame and Infamy in the Hellenistic World” organized by the University of Waterloo (September 10-12).

Public lecture at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (October 1) 

Dr. Naomi Ruth Pitamber

Art History. UCLA. Fall semester.


Hosted by:

Simon Fraser University: Program of Hellenic Studies


Professor Mary Yossi (February 7- March 8)

Philology, Philosophy of Language -University of Athens.

Hosted by:

University of Florida Gainsville: Classics

University of South Florida; Center of Hellenic Studies

NYU: Classics

Hunter College: Classics

St Joseph University: Classics

Harvard University: Classics

Boston University: Classics

Professor Ilaria Ramelli (March 1-8)

Philosophy and Theology. Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy. Durham University, Institute of Advanced Study, UK. 

Graduate School of Theology, SHMS, Thomas Aquinas University (Angelicum) Senior Fellow, 

Erfurt University, Germany.

Hosted by:

Harvard Divinity School

Boston University: Classics  

Professor Eleni Matzourani (March 1-29)

Pre-historic Archaelogy, University of Athens.

Hosted by:

Columbia University: Department of Art History and Archaeology

Harvard University: Classics

Tufts University

University of Illinois Chicago: Classics

National Hellenic Museum

Hunter College, CUNY: Classics

Bryn Mawr College: Classics

Hunter College: Classics

Professor Golfo Maggini (March 21- April 18)

Philosophy, University of Ioannina

Hosted by:

Council for Research in Values and Philosophy

at The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

Guelph University (Canada): Philosophy

Trent University (Canada): Philosophy

Concordia University (Canada): Philosophy

The New School for Social Research

Rochester Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology 

Professor Ioannis Stefanidis (April 5- May 2)

Political Science, University of Thessaloniki

Hosted by:

Georgetown University: Political Science

George Washington University: Political Science

U. of Pittsburgh: European Union Center

Yale University: Political Science, Program of Hellenic Studies

The Center of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at Queens College

NYU: Program of Hellenic Studies

Stony Brook University: Program of Hellenic Studies

Associate Professor William Hutton (July 13-17)

Classics. College of William and Mary.

Hosted by:

The Classical Association of New England Summer Institute at Brown University

Professor Panagiotis Tsakonas (September 12- October 10)

International Relations. University of the Aegean.

Hosted by:

University of New Mexico: International Studies Institute, Political Science.

The Albuquerque Committee on Foreign Relations

University of Pittsburgh: Center of European Studies- EU Center of Excellence

The World Affairs Council at Pittsburgh

McGill University: Political Science Department, European Union Center of Excellence

McGill University-Université de Montréal Speaker Series, The Papachristidis Chair in Modern Greek Studies at McGill, 

The Center for International Peace and Security Studies Speaker Series

McGill University: Center of European Studies, The Papachristidis Chair in Modern Greek Studies, Political Science

York University: Department of History

University of Toronto: Munk School for Global Affairs

Harvard University Center of European Studies

Tufts University: The Karamanlis Chair of Modern Greek and European Studies

The Circle of Hellenic Academics in Boston

Professor Helen Louri–Dendrinou (September 20- October 18)

Economics. Research Associate. London School of Economics.

Hosted by:

The Churchill Society (Vancouver)

The Vancouver Board of Trade

Simon Fraser: Economics in collaboration with the Center of Hellenic Studies

University of California at Berkeley:

European Union Center-Institute for European Studies

State California University- Sacramento:

Program of Modern Greek Studies

Yale University: Program of Modern Greek Studies

Fordham University: Business School

Georgetown University: European Studies

American University: School of International Service

The World Bank

Associate Professor Gerasimos Karabelias (September 20- October 18)

Military Sociology- International Relations. Panteion University.

Hosted by:

Simon Fraser: The School of Criminology, Women’s Studies, History Department in collaboration with the Center of Hellenic Studies.

University of Washington in Seattle: The Jackson School of International Studies, Hellenic Studies

Loyola Marymount University: Center of Hellenic Studies in collaboration with the Hellenic University Club of Southern California

Queens College: The Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

Professor George Andreopoulos (October 5-10, 18-24)

Political Science. John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Hosted by:

University of North Carolina at Asheville: Political Science

World Affairs Council at Western North Carolina

University of California at Santa Barbara: Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies

University of California at Berkeley: Human Rights Program, Department of History 

Professor Thomas Maloutas (October 18-31)

Social Geography, Urban Sociology. Harokopion University.

Hosted by:

University of British Columbia: Department of Geography

University of Santa Barbara: Department of Geography

CUNY Graduate Center: Center for Urban Research.

Professor Pavlos Kavouras (Oct. 25-Nov. 21)

Music Studies. University of Athens

Hosted by:

Harvard University: Anthropology, Modern Greek Studies, Harvard Center of World Religions

University of Michigan Ann Arbor: Ethnomusicology, Modern Greek Studies

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign: Hellenic Studies Program, Anthropology

National Hellenic Museum, Chicago

University of Eastern Illinois

Stanford University: Classics, Art History UCLA: Ethnomusicology program

Associate Professor Dimitrios Yatromanolakis (October 6-8, November 19- 28)

Classics. Johns Hopkins

Hosted by:

Dartmouth College: Art History & Classics

University of Toronto: Classics

McGill University: Classics

Concordia University: Classics