Humanities Impact Program (HIP)

The Onassis Humanities Impact Program (HIP) is designed to fulfill the Foundation’s mission of promoting Hellenic culture from antiquity to the present by partnering with and supporting educational institutions to facilitate scholarly engagement with the Hellenic tradition, to educate students and the general public, and to reach new, diverse, and unexpected audiences. HIP marks an important shift in the Foundation’s approach to education, with an emphasis on exploring the vital links between the Humanities and other academic and practical disciplines and initiating projects that are socially just and beneficial to the broad public.

The initiatives launched through the Humanities Impact Program are informed by a set of core values. Our goals are to provide accessibility, so as to make Greek culture, in all of its manifold expressions, available to all, regardless of personal background or life circumstances; contextuality, by situating the achievements and the failings of the Greeks in their proper historical times and circumstances in order gain a fuller understanding of the Hellenic contribution to the Humanities; innovation, with an emphasis on exploring the intersection of the Humanities and Hellenic Culture with the sciences, professional disciplines, and digital platforms; relevance, recognizing that the past is a lens through which we can examine, critique, and foster positive change in the present; and social justice, to do right for all people, to empower them to realize their potential, and to give voice and agency to the marginalized, disadvantaged, and oppressed.

HIP, started in 2018, is forming partnerships in the following areas:

  • Education at the intersection of the Humanities and STEM professional disciplines
  • Onassis Visiting Professors, to teach quarter/semester-long courses for credit
  • Community College Education and Training
  • Diversity in Classical Studies
  • Prison Education in the Humanities
  • Digital Humanities
  • Equitable access to Education, from primary to graduate

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