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You can now watch the taped sessions online.


Secrets of the Past: Excavating the City of Zeus

Video game, ages 10 and above. Available onsite.

Become an archaeologist in Secrets of the Past: Excavating the City of Zeus, a simulation video game! Enter the mysterious Villa of Dionysus in the ancient Greek city of Dion and discover its history and treasures. You are the director of the excavation who will lead this important expedition. Do you have what it takes? Then pick up your tools and let’s explore the ancient Greek city of Zeus!

Children will learn how to:
  • Assess where and how to search the ancient city.
  • Use excavation tools to unearth the hidden treasures.
  • Examine findings in a lab and assess their importance.
  • Present their discoveries in their very own exhibition!

  • You can download Secrets of the Past for iPads HERE. Soon available for iPhones and Android devices.

    CULTURPLAY is a game/software studio crafting experiences to promote cultural heritage and playful learning.

    Secrets Of The Past: Excavating The City Of Zeus was specially developed for the Onassis Cultural Center NY in conjunction with the exhibition Gods and Mortals at Olympus: Ancient Dion, City of Zeus.

    Tydeos 7-9, Pagkrati 11635, Athens, Greece | (+30) 211 4110837

    Culturplay is a game and interactive software studio with a focus on cultural heritage. Culturplay’s original 2D and 3D games and applications make narratives buried deep in the past meaningful in the present and blend entertainment and education in creative ways. Culturplay’s work includes the Virtual Tour of the Acropolis of Athens and the Virtual Tour of ancient Epidaurus. Culturplay’s debut product in development is Athens 5th Century, a PC real-time ‘4X’ strategy game that simulates life, philosophy and politics in ancient Athens.

    Alex Giannakidis is co-founder of Culturplay and the company’s game and software designer, as well as team and production coordinator.
    A computer engineer with multiple skills, Alex has worked as software engineer, animator, game designer and product manager in various companies. He aims to harness the power of new technologies to make culture and history a fertile ground for creative storytelling and games.

    Lida Mantzourani is co-founder of Culturplay and the company’s content curator and business manager.
    A historian with skills in project management and new technologies, Lida has worked in various positions in the knowledge sector and now coordinates development programs for public libraries. Promoting the use and value of cultural heritage and researching innovative business models for the knowledge and culture sector is at the core of her activities.
    See also Culturplay’s blog

    Andreas Diktyopoulos - Game programmer
    Stefanos Papadatos - Concept artist, 2D illustrator
    Maria Aloupi - Music composer
    Olsey Milla - 3D artist, animator
    Theseus Kokkinos - photogrammetry, 3D digitization
    Stavros Fournaros - photogrammetry, 3D digitization

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