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Let’s Walk: A Peripatetic Conversation Series

With philosopher Simon Critchley

From April through June, the Onassis Cultural Center NY will host a series of peripatetic conversations inside the Gods and Mortals at Olympus exhibit. In Let’s Walk, a lineup of surprise guests will join philosopher Simon Critchley to tackle contemporary topics inspired by Gods and Mortals at Olympus, and the mythology of the sacred mountain. Small groups of visitors will follow the interlocutors in a leisurely walk through the artifacts of Dion, and down the unexpected paths their minds will take.

Simon Critchley is Hans Jonas Professor at the New School for Social Research. His books include Very Little...Almost Nothing, Infinitely Demanding, The Book of Dead Philosophers, The Faith of the Faithless, Bowie, Memory Theatre and Notes on Suicide. He is series editor of “The Stone,” a philosophy column in the New York Times, to which he is a frequent contributor.

Bryan Doerries will join Simon Critchley for the first Let’s Walk event on April 21st at 6 pm.

Bryan Doerries is a writer, director, and translator. A self-described evangelist for classical literature and its relevance to our lives today, Doerries uses age-old approaches to help individuals and communities heal from suffering and loss. He is the founder of Theater of War, a project that presents readings of ancient Greek plays to service members, veterans, caregivers, and families to help them initiate conversations about the visible and invisible wounds of war.

Zainab Bahrani will be joining Simon Critchley for Let’s Walk on Saturday, May 21 at 1 pm.

Zainab Bahrani is the Edith Porada Professor of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University, New York. A specialist in the art and archaeology of ancient Mesopotamia and the eastern Mediterrean world, she is the author of several books including: Women of Babylon: gender and representation in Mesopotamia (London: Routledge, 2001), The Graven Image: Representation in Babylonia and Assyria (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003) and Rituals of War: The Body and Violence in Mesopotamia (New York: Zone Books, 2008), which won the American Historical Association’s James Henry Breasted Prize. Her most recent book, The Infinite Image: Art, Time and the Aesthetic Dimension in Antiquity (University of Chicago Press, 2014) is based on her 2010-2011 Slade Lectures in the Fine Arts at the University of Oxford, and was the winner of the Lionel Trilling Prize in 2015. Bahrani is the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards for her research including a 2003 Guggenheim and awards from the Getty Foundation, the Mellon Foundation and the Kevorkian Foundation. She has been a curator at the Metroplitan Museum of Art and has conducted archaeological fieldwork in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. She is currently the Director of a Columbia University field project, Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments.

Simon will be joined by Mary Lefkowitz on Wednesday, June 15 at 6 pm.

Mary Lefkowitz is Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities, emerita, at Wellesley College. Her many books on classical culture include Euripides and the Gods, Women in Greek Myth, Greek Gods, Human Lives, The Lives of the Greek Poets, and Not Out of Africa.


Museum Hack at the Onassis Cultural Center New York

Museums can be fascinating, transporting, inspiring places, or overwhelming, exhausting, intimidating, and just plain boring, if the prescribed museum- going standards aren’t your style. Museum Hack crafts museum experiences “for people who don’t like museums” by breaking down and remixing the facets of museum culture that fail to engage those visitors.

A team of renegade tour guides will create a nontraditional, highly interactive, and intimate experience at the Onassis Cultural Center NY. Museum Hack tour guides approach the art collections with a well-researched, fact-based, “reverent irreverence,” and fight “museum fatigue” by incorporating storytelling, photo challenges, and surprising activities. Each Museum Hack tour is customized based on the audience.

Tours offered on April 1, April 15, May 6, May 20, June 3, and June 17 at 6 and 7 pm.

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